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Kristin Joiner; Owner, designer and printer
I first encountered letterpress at college in Wisconsin, where I was earning my BFA in graphic design. I loved design, but missed the tactile quality and unpredictability of materials from my fine art classes—and all of a sudden here was a medium that was the perfect marriage of the two. I went on to graduate with a snazzy portfolio and get a job at a regional magazine. By 24, I was art director of that magazine—realizing a dream I didn’t think I’d reach for decades—and stayed there for the next 5 years. A year after graduation, I found an old, neglected press on Craigslist, bought it, spent a summer cleaning and repairing her, and started a small etsy shop in 2008. Fast forward to the present and I have greeting cards and limited edition prints in a handful of stores across the country and have printed business cards, invitations and other custom work for countless clients. I recently took the plunge and am working on a freelance basis in the design world and devoting more time to letterpress!

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