About Apartment 528

INDIA SHANNON; owner, curator, IT department, photographer, and everything else!

Apartment 528 is named after my amazingly gifted mother whose birthday is May 28th. Not only is she the queen of blue eyeliner, but she made me that snazzy orange shirt for a school play, fed my obsession for color, and always encouraged me in the zillion "businesses" I created growing up. She gave me my first House Beautiful and always made sure our homes were gorgeous. Having a talented mother that made things with her hands and showed me how to create something from nothing gave me an appreciation for beautiful things and the work that goes into handcrafted pieces.
After a few attempts to fit into office life, I took my love of interiors and handmade and launched the Apartment 528 blog in 2007 and the online shop in 2009. Apt528 has given me the opportunity to work with amazing makers, artists, and designers and share their pieces with all of you. My mission is to fill your home with quirky, colorful wares to help you rest, work, play, cook, clean, and LIVE.

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