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  • Love the original beard wash but want a thicker, more generously lathering product that won't cause damage like commercial shampoos do? Enter our Sultan’s Spice Beard Soap Cream which, like it sounds, is a buttery soap that works into a rich lather when applied to hair. We’ve gone to great lengths to find a 100% organic olive oil castile soap that contains NO palm oil, and combined it with other highly-prized vegetable oils and butters. And we’ve added a special secret ingredient to our Sultan’s Spice beard soap creamshikakai powder – to encourage hair growth and strength.

    Use it in beards and hair too! Scented with only plant-derived essential oils to improve your mood while toning your skin. You can feel good knowing this small-batch handmade vegan Sultan’s Spice beard soap cream is cruelty- and chemical-free, which is good for your body and good for the planet.

    4 oz.
    All natural

    • Shea butter is packed with antioxidants like vitamin E , as well as polyphenols and phytonutrients, making it an anti-inflammatory, which is why it works so well at moisturizing and soothing all types of skin
    • Coconut oil has high vitamin E and fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin growth, repair of wear & tear on the skin, keeping skin smooth and protecting against cracking.
    • Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, D and E which help relieve dry and itchy skin.  it can also increases the production of collagen, which helps keep the skin plump and decreases the effects of aging and relieve itchy skin symptoms. An essential ingredient to Sultan’s Spice beard soap cream.
    • Castor oil penetrates deep inside the skin due to its low molecular mass. The skin friendly ingredients in castor oil are vitamin E and antioxidants, which enhance the healing process of minor injuries happen while shaving. The triglyceride fatty acid present in castor oil have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Keep your skin soft, smooth and shiny after shaving.
    • Jojoba oil is full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E. Its similarity to the body’s own natural oils allows it to absorb easily and readily into your skin, making it a gentle, skin-softening moisturizer for all skin types. As one of the key ingredients to our Sultan’s Spice beard soap cream, it also helps prevent razor burn.
    • Glycerin is a natural moisturizer and conditioner which make your skin softer and less dry. Most commercial soaps remove the glycerin from their products during their manufacturing process to resell it for a higher profit or use it in higher priced lotions & serums.
    • Shikakai  Powder has been used traditionally for hair care in the Indian Subcontinent since ancient times. With natural low PH, it’s an excellent cleanser and superb addition to our Sultan’s Spice beard soap cream formula.
    • Essential oils like frankincense and petitgrain help relieve your stressful day. Lime acts as a anti-dandruff and also removes excessive oils from your beard. Pepper and clove  impart a sensual, earthy spice scent treasured for centuries on eastern trade routes.
    • Chemical-free, ethical formulation will give you peace of mind that you are using an environmentally- and socially-friendly product. Healthy natural ingredients give your skin and hair the nutrition it needs from plant-based sources. We are against palm oil and petroleum-based ingredients which are unsustainable and harmful to rainforest habitats of endangered animals. All our products are hand-blend and poured by us in our Baltimore-based studio.

    Made by Craft Culture Co.; Baltimore, MD

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  • Beard Soap Cream
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