Bruce Thompson; Ceramicist
Tacoma, WA

"The studio is a place to experiment with the transitional qualities of raw materials. Working in clay and wood, I draw from a tradition rooted in the Arts and Crafts movement and temper my designs with Modernist sensibilities. I hope my lamps find comfortable places to exist amongst the daily lives of others and their simple lines serve to evoke the contours of the spaces they inhabit." - Bruce

Bruce has over 15 years experience in ceramic art and design. With an early love of building, expression and art, he pursued a BFA and then MFA in Ceramics. His work experience includes galleries in LA, lamp design and production in NYC, and teaching at colleges and community-based studios in Washington and California. These experiences have provided him the opportunity to broaden his depth and knowledge in the craft and field at large; allowing him to hone his skills, learn from others and bring him to a place of focus and direction with Cone 6 Studio.

Bruce currently resides in Tacoma, WA with his wife and unruly toddler.