Nick and Meg Puglisi; Owners

Chicago, IL

We run Potluck Products together. Meg is the organizational brains and steady hand to complement my overly optimistic design ideas. We are both from Virginia and made our way to Chicago by way of Philadelphia. Between the two of us, we've worked in a wide variety of fields; engineering, consulting, operations, production management, design, etc. We have two awesome daughters. My 3-year-old knows all about our wine rack and is starting to be really interested in making things and using tools. Our 1-year-old likes to chew on things, but she's pretty discerning with what she chews on, so there's hope for her as a civilized human.

We launched Potluck in December 2015. Our tagline is "For the social home” and I’m excited to use that as a guidepost for designing new products.

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