With proper care, Hedge House solid wood furniture will last for generations. Our builders take precautions to account for the expansion and contraction of wood that occurs as humidity changes. Because our furniture is solid wood, there is always a small chance of cracking if conditions become unfavorable. Hedge House guarantees our furniture and, for the first two years, will replace or repair pieces that crack due to builder defect. Hedge House will not replace furniture that is damaged by the user.


Keep your hardwood furniture looking it's best for generations to come!

  • periodically move decor and other items on top of surfaces to eliminate unwanted fade spots
  • keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time to reduce fading
  • keep away from heat sources
  • use coasters and clean up spills immediately
  • maintain humidity between 35-50%
  • avoid products and cleaners that contain wax like Pledge and Woodrite. Over time they dry out the wood and leave a film on the surface.


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