The timeless quality of Hedge House furniture is reflected in the quality of wood used. All wood is sustainably sourced in the Midwest and each piece is inspected, hand-picked and carefully placed according to grain and color. See below for a more detailed description of wood and finish options.



Conversion Varnish
We apply the varnish on a timed and heated conveyor belt. Durable, water resistant and matte, this finish option is low maintenance and versatile. Repair requires professional sanding and refinishing. The best cleaning method is dry dusting or a solution of mild soap and warm water for deeper cleaning. Avoid polishes or wood cleaners that contain wax, since they dry out the wood. As with any finish, avoid setting hot pans or pizza boxes directly on the surface.



We use a hard, white maple that has a light, more consistent tone than some varieties. It's similar to Oak regarding sturdiness, shock resistance and weight. With its diffused, smaller pores, it has a smooth even tone.


White Oak
White Oak has a light brown, blonde appearance and is naturally water-resistant. This wood is very hard, durable, heavy and coarse-grained.



Red Oak

Red Oak has a pale reddish tone, and slightly warmer in color than White Oak. This wood is very hard, durable, heavy and coarse-grained.




Cherry is a strong, fine-grained hardwood, displaying pink undertones that may occasionally contain small brown pith flecks. Its rich coloring will eventually darken with UV exposure, giving it a beautiful, silky, dark patina.




American Black Walnut
It has light to dark chocolate-brown tones, and provides strength, hardness and durability without excessive weight. It's generally a straight-grained wood, with the occasional swirl or curly grain. Unlike most woods that darken with age/UV exposure, walnut will eventually turn a lighter shade. Please be mindful of this when purchasing pieces that will receive direct sunlight.