• Loads of Laughs Laundry Suds & Softener

    The Optimist Co


  • Finally, a laundry product that's free of detergents and harsh chemicals. Made with your family in mind, Loads of Laughs uses a real soap flake made on Cape Cod and specifically designed for laundry. Not only does it lift tough stains, but it's easy on fabric and sensitive skin. Comes in a resealable zip pouch to keep your laundry suds fresh and mess free. Avoid over-sudsing with our easy-to-use scoop (included). You'll be amazed how little suds you need, even on heavily soiled washes. 

    4lbs - 64 HE loads
    Recognizable Ingredients: washing soda, baking soda, epsom salt, pure coconut oil soap flake (coconut oil, water, lye), essential oil blend of lavender and eucalyptus

    Made by
    The Optimist Co.; Cape Cod